Real Estate

The real estate industry grapples with challenges such as market volatility, regulatory complexities, capital allocation, and shifting consumer preferences. Insights can provide insights into market trends, strategic financial planning, and operational optimization. Leveraging data analytics, we can assist real estate firms in investment decisions, risk management, and navigating the intricate regulatory framework. Our expertise aids in maximizing returns, streamlining processes, and ensuring sustainable growth in the property market.


Real estate Development

Helping clients in the real estate sector improve development by providing strategic financial planning, operational efficiency solutions, and market insights.


Helping real estate sector clients leverage data analytics to optimize industry practices, enhancing productivity and sustainability in the digital age.


Utilizing data analytics to guide real estate sector investment decisions, optimizing returns and ensuring sustainable growth in the sector

Marketing & Sales

Helping clients by tailoring marketing and sales strategies, boosting reach and conversions in the real estate sector.


Helping real estate sector clients streamline operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.


Helping clients refine organizational structures and processes, fostering better collaboration and effectiveness in the real estate industry.


Helping clients by informing and refining strategic planning, positioning the real estate industry for sustainable growth and innovation.


Helping clients drive transformation initiatives, facilitating adaptive change and modernization in the real estate sector.


In the dynamic realm of property management, technological advancements are reshaping traditional practices and revolutionizing the way real estate assets are managed. From streamlining operations to enhancing tenant experiences, technology is driving significant changes in the industry.

In an era defined by technological innovation, our living spaces are undergoing a profound transformation. The concept of the smart home has evolved from a futuristic idea to a tangible reality, revolutionizing the way we interact with our living environments.

Real estate investment is a substantial commitment that requires careful consideration and analysis. Ensuring the feasibility of a real estate investment is crucial to minimize risks and maximize returns. Feasibility in real estate refers to the viability and profitability of an investment project.


We advise clients across the agricultural value chain on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

Investment opportunity identification

We have created a unique perspective on value-creation pools and investment opportunities in food and agriculture. We bring this perspective to our work with private-equity groups and financial investors—and to our work supporting industry players as they plan for strategic growth.

Raw-materials management

We help consumer-packaged-goods and processing companies improve performance within their raw-agricultural-materials procurement and risk-management functions.

Farm operations improvement

We help to improve agri-food systems around the world by bringing innovative thinking, multi-disciplinary expertise, a nuanced understanding of the private sector, and world-class analytics.

Fresh-food supply chain management


Rural development

We help national governments and development partners in emerging economies develop their agriculture sectors, and we work with donor agencies and foundations that support rural agriculture.


Muhammad Shahid Nazir

Partner, Corporate Finance & Deal Advisory

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Khawaja Soha Butt

Partner, Financial & Risk Advisory

Hafiz Muhammad Almas

Partner, Tax Advisory

Asif Iqbal Malik

Partner, Real Estate Advisory


Senior Partner, New York

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